Stradivari Violin Dimensions

A series of charts showing the dimensions of some of Antonio Stradivari’s violins across time. Measurements taken from the book Antonio Stradivari, His Life and Work (1644 - 1737).

Measurement Description
A to A Body length
B to B Width, lower bouts
C to C Width, upper bouts
D to D Rib height, lower (button side)
E to E Rib height, upper (neck side)



Lengths, widths, and rib heights.

Width to length ratios.

Rib height to length ratios.

Rib height to width ratios.

Lengths (detail).

Width, lower bouts (detail).

Width, upper bouts (detail).

Rib heights (detail).

Rib heights, lower (detail).

Rib heights, upper (detail).


LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet.